Nutitelefonide jaoks garnituur Pulse 452

Product number: 63452
Mobiiltelefoni garnituur
Portable stereo headset is excellent for sports exercises: it is lightweight, small and keeps reliably on your head.
Helitugevuse reguleerimisnupud Androidi jaoks
The buttons on the cable allow to control the mediaplayer and volume of smartphone speakers. The control unit is fully compatible with Samsung, Sony and LG devices with Android OS. Compatibility with other devices depends on the specific smartphone model.
Hea heliisolatsioon
Listen to your favourite music or audio books wherever you want and nothing will bother that.
Lame kaabel

Technical specifications

Ühendamise tüüp traadiline
Kõrvaklappide tüüp sissepanekud
Membraani diameeter 10 mm
Impedanss (kõrvaklapid) 32 Ohm
Impedanss (mikrofon) 2.2 kOhm
Tundlikkus (kõrvaklapid) 105 dB
Tundlikkus (mikrofon) 54 dB
Sagedusriba (kõrvaklapid) 20–20000 Hz
Sagedusriba (mikrofon) 20–16000 Hz
Kaabli pikkus 1.2 m
Liidesed 4-pin pistmik 3,5-mm jack
Värv sinine + must
Guarantee period 6 kuud

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