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Product number: 65501
Tiny speakers for laptop
Toide USB sadamist
The speakers does not require AC mains power supply. Simply connect them to the USB port of PC and enjoy the sound. This model is not equipped with an integrated sound card, so you will need to connect them to the audio-out port of PC as well.
Kompaktsed suurused
Kergelt mahub kotti sisse koos arvutiga.
Magnetiline ekraniseerimine
If the speaker system without magnetic shielding is put besides the monitor or TV-screen, the noise in the screen usually appears because of the strong magnetic field from the speaker drivers. Magnetic shielding protects the screen from such noise.

Technical specifications

Koguväljumisvõimsus (RMS) 5 W
Satelliitide võimsus (RMS) 2х2,5 W
Satelliitide valjuhääldite suurus 2.5 "
Sageduse diapasoon 200–18 000 Hz
Kasutajaliidese tüüp 3.5 mm jack
Reguleerimised üldine helitugevus
Toide USB, 5V
Värv sinine
Mõõtmed pakendita 5.5 x 7.2 x 6.2 cm
Individual package weight 0.18 kg
Guarantee period 3 kuud

Package contents

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