Juhtmeta kõrvaklappid mikrofoniga FreeMotion B611

Product number: 63614
Juhtmeta Bluetooth-stereokõrvaklappid mikrofoniga
Portable stereo headset is excellent for sports exercises: it is lightweight, small and keeps reliably on your head.
Sisseehitatud mikrofon
Sisseehitatud mikrofon tagab kvaliteetse heli edastamise.
Juhtklahvid kõrvaklappidel
Allow to answer the phone call or to switch tracks without taking the phone our of your pocket.
Tegevusradius - 10 m
The headset allows to speak on phone or listen to internet-radio from your laptop while moving around the room freely.
Laetud aku tööaeg kuni 7 tundi
When the headset battery is discharged connect it to the USB-port of PC.

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